All in-Fact software products are developed based on the Agile Software Development principle which is iterative and incremental and where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration and cooperation between multi-disciplinary and cross-functional teams.

All in-Fact software products:

  • Are web browser-based solutions delivered with tight access and permission rights.
  • Can be run under a Virtual Private Network using appropriate token technologies.
  • Use mature and non-intrusive technologies.
  • Are written using open data standards and are therefore readily inter-operable with other systems that are already in use and those that may be developed in the future.
  • Are user-friendly and have been developed with both clinical and administrative Users in mind.
  • Have been designed to be readily extensible.
  • Can be delivered through any standards-compliant web browser. The recommendation is Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

The software technologies used in in-Fact products include Microsoft .NET, Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaScript and C#. These are designed to work in an integrated way and help streamline deployment, enable interoperability with diverse systems including legacy systems, enhance security, and reliably connect and support a number of client software applications.

All in-Fact software products run under the .NET platform using IIS (Internet Information Server) and a SQL Server Database. They broadly consist of two components:

  • SADIE: (inFact's proprietary Support And Decision Information Engine) is a set of non-discipline specific libraries and system data, which serves to render the application interface and data objects, and provides a suite of tools for accessing and processing the data entered;
  • The discipline specific components: A set of codes, attribute data and highly structured XML data, which SADIE interprets and renders as an interface within a web browser. 

SADIE is written in C# and delivered using ASPX pages under .NET with client-side Javascript using AJAX. XML is used as the description language for the view of all objects.