Software Outcomes

Efficiency gains (Doing it right) by streamlining and automating many manual processes:

  • Reducing paperwork and administration costs
  • Increasing Staff productivity by providing excellent data quality and visibility
  • Standardising protocols and procedures, and encouraging consistent practice under the right circumstances thus achieving the intended outcomes.
  • Facilitating a valid performance assessment and development mechanism with a significant contribution to the national quality improvement programme and clinical governance.

Effectiveness gains (Doing the right thing) by encouraging the development and use of evidence-based best practice in a supportive learning environment:

  • Securing a permanent sequential log of incident management activities and appropriate markers, and promoting risk-informed decision-making in a dynamic environment,
  • Providing a facility for explaining and justifying each incident management action as part of a complex decision process.
  • Helping to harness existing knowledge, capturing new expertise and providing an ideal opportunity for developing individual skills as well as enhancing corporate memory and institutional wisdom.

Efficacy gains (Doing it Better, Faster and Cheaper) without compromising standards.

  • Providing an integrated multi-disciplinary one-stop-shop for health protection professionals at the local level based on a systematic, standardised and highly functional system
  • Providing a practical tool with comprehensive operational functionality including communication, reminders, prompts, hotlinks and standard operating procedures in a highly contextualised environment.
  • Facilitating automated reporting systems and significantly enhancing internal and external communication.
  • Enabling a standardised response workflow based on experience